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Transit Of Venus

M51 Whirlpool Galaxy

M81 Spiral in UM

M81 Central Part with dust lanes

M63 Sunflower galaxy

M64 Black Eye Galaxy

M100 Spiral with companion galaxies

M104 Sombrero Galaxy

M66 Spiral from Leo Triplet

M65 Spiral from Leo Triplet (one frame only)

NGC 2903 Spiral in Leo

M82 Irregular galaxy in UM

NGC4565 Edge-On Spiral Galaxy

NGC2403 Spiral galaxy in Camelopardalis

Globular Cluster M3

The east part of Veil nebula in Cygnus

The west part of Veil nebula in Cygnus

M101 Spiral Galaxy in UM

Globulat cluster M13 in Hercules

Eagle nebula in Serpens

M27 nebula in Vulpecula ( Optimised Non_RAW mode)

The Eagle Nebula again ( This time LPR filter applied)

The Swan or Omega nebula in Sagittarius( Optimised Non_RAW mode )

The Cat's Eye Nebula in Draco

Eagle nebula with Colour

Cocoon nebula in Cygnus

Veil nebula NGC 6992 in Cygnus

Crescent nebula in Cygnus

Bubble Nebula in Cassiopeia

Owl Nebula in UM

Trifid nebula in Sagittarius

Emission nebula NGC 7538 in Cepheus

Reflection nebula Caldwell 4 in Cepheus

52 Cygni with the Veil nebula


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